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Movement is our oldest form of communication – when conveyed in dance it is living heritage and art passed from generation to generation. We dance to express our hearts and souls, to have fun, and to bring people together.  Yet even as you read this, dances are disappearing. UNESCO predicts more than half of our intangible cultural heritage could be gone by the end of the century if nothing is done about it.  So let’s do something!

Danceador is a global dance movement that makes it easy and rewarding for anyone to play a part in spreading awareness, preserving, and celebrating our global movement legacy through a variety of projects!

Our Mission is to celebrate human expression.

Our Vision is to empower dance as living art and heritage through education, preservation, and celebration of our global dance legacy.

What is Danceador.com? One of Danceador’s initial and ongoing projectsDanceador.com, The Virtual Dance Ambassador, is an online platform that allows you to upload, discover, and enjoy global dance content. This is an inclusive dance resource that welcomes all genres of movement from anywhere in the world.

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Please help to keep dance alive – It’s part of our DNA!