Berlo – Gardens Freestyle

Featuring Afrosamuraiist

In pretty much every respect of the word, this song was a complete freestyle. I had briefly heard the song once and fell in love with it immediately. It pushed my musicality to evolve with the song and think outside the box. I really enjoyed dancing to this song and I feel that this freestyle was very special for me because I didn’t know the song already. It made me think completely differently about how I danced to it and just let myself flow, as the song progressed.

I am a dancer/producer from London, UK. I have been dancing for around 8 years and competed in many competitions around the UK. I am primarily trained in the following street styles: Hip Hop, Popping, House and Afro. My speciality is popping
I also produce electronic music and have been doing so since May 2016. As a producer I pride myself on being unique and versatile; if I had to describe my style of production, it would be a combination of 80s funk, combined with modern EDM and afrodance music.
I also run a music label called Magnified Art Alliance, in which we promote amazing underground music through dance.
Magnified Art Alliance: