Featuring the Online Dance Company

The Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp has the immense pleasure of presenting the new video with the wonderful Benvindo Fonseca!

“Cromeleque” is a singular video that reflects a duality: it represents sacred space, friendship, inspiration as a source of transformation, the need for persistence allied to time and its setbacks (without forgetting all those who support us and inspire), and the celebration of life and death.

The video also features the dancers Andreia Barros and Ricardo Henriques, and the musician Carlos Mil-Homens.

Online Dance Company is a dance company that is not limited by physical space. It lives online, and features the best Portuguese dancers of all styles.The project was presented on May 10, 2016, by the hand of Cifrão, the mind behind the company. Cifrão is one of the most visionary and enterprising young people of our national dance scene. Besides being a dancer, he is one of the biggest dance references in our country – jury of television programs, Ambassador of Rock in Rio Lisbon, choreographer of TV productions, artistic director of programs like “Dance with the Stars” and “Let’s Dance“. Online Dance Company performances are not limited to some people who would fit in a theater, but for millions of people scattered around the world! The goal is to bring the talent of the national dance to the world! At the beginning of 2018, the project already has 18 videos published on Youtube and Facebook, reaching more than 5 million views and many international awards.