Featuring Louise Coetzer & Friends

Dead Air uses one of the largest contributors to climate change, Greenhouse Gasses (CO2 emissions) as central theme. As mankind continues to increase its levels of consumption, these emissions have muultiple, visible effects on our surroundings and health. Amplified levels of air pollution and airborne infectious diseases threaten to render the very air we breathe dead. We can no longer ignore the consequence our carbon footprint is having on our habitat. The film employs the work of graffiti artist Imraan Samodien to explore the chaotic, aggressive city life we live, and looks at the issues humanity is currently grappling with: disease, survival, a degrading planet and the need for change. Directed & Choreographed by: Louise Coetzer Cinematography: Oscar O’Ryan Edit: Oscar O’Ryan Music: Gustav Stutterheim Produced by Darkroom Contemporary