Hong Kong Space Limited

Featuring Ho Lok Yee Cola

In the prosperous Hong Kong, there is a very heavy price to pay for this prosperity. We have been infused with the concept of acquiring a property since the early age. Apartment, space, and places have been a problem for every Hong Konger.
Hard work earns us a place,
When we have a place, we work for the rest of our lives to sustain it.
As we awake, life is coming to the end
This is the survival formula for every Hong Konger.

Creator’s profile
Born in the 80s, Alan Wong graduated from the Department of Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Currently a freelance choreographer, dance videography director, and photographer, the artiste has participated in numerous performances of various large dance troupes. In 2010, Wong won the One-minute Chats Dance Video Contest organized by the City Contemporary Dance Company with his original piece <Empty Our>, thereafter commissioned to co-create dance videography piece <Walkalator> and showcased in Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Taiwan, and Italy. Wong also created <Less Similer>.

director : AW- ALANWONG
dancer : Ho Lok Yee Cola