In Between

Performed by Filipa Peraltinha and Afonso Pimentel

The Online Dance Company, created by the portuguese dancer and choreographer Cifrão, is a unique and irreverent concept that brings together the best Portuguese dancers around the world and proposes to take the best of the dance in Portugal to the home of all the Portuguese and the rest of the world!

A moment of giving up, one who runs away from herself, leading to a dream. A place of projection, melancholy and sensitivity where imagination touches fantasy.  What once made her submerge, transforms into joy, pleasure and brings the memory of a passion.  And the dream is after all, reality.  The beautiful 6th video of the Online Dance Company powered by Millennium BCP, stars the dancer Filipa Peraltinha and has the special participation of the actor Afonso Pimentel!

Dancer: Filipa Peraltinha
Special guest: Afonso Pimentel
Artistic director: Cifrão
Director: Paulo Vintem, Licinio pereira