More Than Time Stolen

Featuring Azaria Hogans

This film explores sexual assault on college campuses; more specifically the affects of the assault on the survivors. This dance is dedicated to the anonymous author of the article, “Open Letter to My Attacker,” published in the Georgia College Colonnade.

Azaria Hogans is dance artist and choreographer who brings social awareness through her choreographic works. She received her B.A in Spanish with minors in both dance and dance therapy at Georgia College and State University when her passion for culture, global issues and dance as a communicative practice amalgamated. Azaria is currently an M.F.A. candidate at Texas Woman’s University expanding her passion in dance as a means of social change. Her current work, “More Than Time Stolen,” confronts the issues of sexual assault and premieres both at the African Diaspora Conference held at Georgia College and State University and the American College Dance Association South-Central Conference in 2016. Azaria utilizes a trifold structure of education, community and art, to improve the understanding of dance as a vital medium for cultivating change.