My Shot

Featuring DeVante Capers

My name is DeVante Capers. I’m an freestyle dancer from the DMV/Washington D.C. area diagnosed with autism sharing my talent of dance in my community and make a difference in the dance world. Here’s my overall story about My Shot (Rise Up). It was inspired by Lin Manuel Miranda’s boardway show, Hamilton An American Musical. My Shot is about one opportunity and not letting failure or everyday life obstacles stop me from achieving my dreams and doing what I love. Mostly making an choose: take it or leave it. Rise Up is about keep on working, growing and reaching to the top of greatness and everyone will remember the name DeVante Capers. This project is about continuing telling my story, become an inspiring in the dance and austim community that sky’s the limit and not letting my disability stop me from success, exploring life and being myself. The video was produced by Artistick Media.