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Performed by Alexis Floyd

Alexis Floyd is most formally known as a theatre artist, with an explorative passion for dance performance, music composition, and film. She first studied dance at the Cleveland School of Ballet before settling into contemporary dance and hip-hop as her primary styles of expression. She performed as a guest artist in several classic and contemporary dance companies founded in the Cleveland area, including The Cleveland Ballet, DANCEVERET, Ohio Dance Theatre, and a collaboration with Robin VanLear, artistic director of community arts at the Cleveland Museum of Art. She began to develop a strong interest in singing and instrumental music as well, and enrolled in the Cleveland Institute of Music, eventually becoming a member of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra as a classical violinist. In an effort to conjoin her interests, her primary pursuit became musical theatre, leading her to receiving a BFA in the field from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama in 2015. She choreographed several undergraduate and graduate works while in school, and developed a passion for Anne Bogart’s movement stylings and vocabulary. Over the summers, she taught both dance and movement at the Szopal International Theatre festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she also performed and studied theatrical and circus arts. She also taught theatre and dance to youth in endangered communities in both Ecuador and Slovakia with Dramatic Adventure Theatre (DAT). Alexis is now exploring the median of film as an intimate viewfinder for the intricacies of dance and the adventure of narrative.

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I’m Alexis! I’m 23 years old, living and loving in Brooklyn, New York. To celebrate Pride 2017, I choreographed/performed a dance to honor the freedom that love provides the world. This video was shot at the track next to my apartment in Crown Heights Friday afternoon. The total cost of the video was about $25, which all went to the purchase of my newfavorite tie! I’d like to encourage everyone to choose love and share it big, no matter nothin’. Thank you for viewing my video, and thank you most of all for celebrating and sharing the gift of dance all around the world.