Stranger Things Cello Medley

Featuring Hope Magee

My dance I choreographed is a contemporary solo with ballet technique incorporated. The music is to the stranger things theme song although I have never whatched the show. When I found out when it camme from it gave me information and I took a different approach to it. I chose the music because it makes me want to dance and the choreography just came to me with that song. I hope this dance shows everyone my love for dance.

My name is Hope Magee and I am 14 years old. I am very serious about dance and would like to be a professional ballet dancer when I’m older. I love dance because whatever is going on around me I always have dance to show me how to work hard and put a smile on my face. Right now I am working towards competing at yagp and ballet beyond borders this year and going to a dance school next year. I live in a small town so to get proper training I go to 3 dance studios sometimes is it hard when I’m supposed to be 3 places at once, but it is all worth it. I love to go to summer intensives in the summer because it helps me further my dance education. The Dance I choreographed is a contemporary dance that I worked really hard on. It has lots of ballet technique incorporated into it. I want it to show my love for dance.