The Boom Boom Dance

Featuring Del Harrison & Friend

This dance was created for my song Boom Boom.  Thank you for listening.

Most people think Boom Boom is a sexually explicit song, when it is actually the beat that Del wants to ride. Del Harrison, or Del as most people call her, is a soulful singing, songwriting & very kind, gal. New Orleans-born, DC-raised, Brooklyn-stomping and Caribbeanish-flavored, Del now makes her home in Los Angeles. Her eclectic style and fun vibe shows up in her music. Thus, the “Boom Boom“! Boom Boom is a fun high-energy dance track that combines the dance, house and Afrobeats genres. Del calls her music AfroHouse. It’s feel good energy makes you want to hit the dance floor immediately.

Learn more at  Download the song from your favorite music outlet and do the #BoomBoomChallenge on TikTok. Be sure to tag @boomboombydelharrison on TikTok and Instagram in your dance vids. 🙂