Til’ it Grows

Featuring Chloe Cappo, Kate Dube, Tabitha Newman, Megan Sarbaugh & Jessica Troyer

With this video, I wanted to be able to show how human experiences shape us as artists and how you can use those real interactions to express a story. In this particular video the water is representing depression and anxiety and how one person is attempting to navigate through it on their own. The other dancers in the video are the representation of community who put efforts into aiding the person who seems to be struggling through the water. Although we are focusing in the video on one persons mental health we see moments of shared support throughout the community as each dancer makes sure to provide support for every other dancer. In the end we do not see an actual resolve. Like mental health, there is not an end to our story but instead there is the work that continues as we move forward and the hopeful knowledge that our community moves forward with us.

My name is Chloe Cappo and I am in the beginning stages of creating a production company. I began as a dancer who wanted create beyond the normal outlets that the dance community in Los Angeles was providing. Often times as artists we can be limited in our creativity and are told the our ideas are too different, too strange, or something that wouldn’t fit into the social norm. My goal for Cappo Innovations is to express to people that art cannot be wrong. There is not project too big or ideas to abstract. Moving forward as a company we want to be able to create all types of work like live performance, music videos, concept videos, living art exhibits and so much more.