by Eoghan Dillon

“… with your new crushed spine, a stepping stone for everyone else, how much love could you really have for yourself? …”

Choreography and Concept by Eoghan Dillon
Filmed and Edited by Angelo Vasta


A community full of unheard artists is a community that suffers.

I continue to ask every artist, or anyone with any sort of taste for the arts, to start creating now more than ever. Let’s collaborate and make beautiful pieces of art and show everyone just how important we are. Let’s throw paint at each other and enjoy the beauty of this world, not just climb ladders and push past each other for selfish career goals. Let’s build and cultivate each other without judgment, because that’s what the world and our community needs right now; Visceral, tangible, judgment-free collaboration and creation.

The integrity of Dance;

In a time when shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” reign as the voice for what great dance is, I also hope to create a movement of young artist with real artistic intention and training that show the world just how valuable a dancer can be; beyond simple entertainment.